Losing My Cool


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John Lee Hooker meets The Doors”…Keep that in mind and you’ll know what kind
of places “Losing My Cool” will take you. With their first full album, Voodoo Boogie
presents twelve songs, all with traditional blues roots, but at the same time very
much influenced by psychedelica, (garage) rock and world music. After several
preproductions with top producers such as Jan Ieven (ex El Fish, ex The Rhythm
Junks) and Marc T (TEE, The Electric Kings), Voodoo Boogie decided they were
ready to produce their first CD. They describe their music as “psychedelic
boogiematic roots


1. Who Will Be Next
2. Losing My Cool
3. The Voodoo Boogie
4. Cocaine Jill
5. Bottle Of Love
6. I Gave You Love
7. Going Down South
8. Walkin’ The Boogie
9. Party Man
10. Dance With Me
11. The Whale Has Swallowed Me
12. Boogiematic

all songs by Jan Jaspers and Voodoo Boogie,
except 1. Chester Burnett,
7. R.L.Burnside, 8. John Lee Hooker and 11. J.B.Lenoir