Too Many People


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Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has also affected Travellin ‘Blue Kings. Originally founded by Belgian and Dutch musicians, it turned out that it was no longer possible to keep the band active & creative across national borders in the autumn of 2020. With this “full Belgian” lineup, the Blue Kings 2.0 firmly look into the future with even more nobility and an impressive pedigree: Blues Lee, Howlin’ Bill, Rhythm Bombs, Fried Bourbon, Jim Cofey, Hideaway … just to name a few.

“Gotta Get Away”, the new collective’s first fling, was digitally released in March and is followed today by “Too Many People”, another critical look at the ins and outs of our planet in the year 2021. Both songs are now to be found on all digital platforms, but form also a whole.


Too Many People (Biesmans/Cuyvers/Hontelé)

published by Donor Publishing