Bending the Rules


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Last year, the two Corona singles “Gotta Get Away” and “Too Many People” set the tone and testified to a critical view of the ins and outs of today’s world. Earlier this year, “A Stiffer Drink” showed an intriguing glimpse, but finally, here it is: the album “Bending The Rules”, the synthesis of the passion and ability of five gentlemen who have nothing left to prove. The title says it all: honest songs that aren’t necessarily painted within the dotted lines of the genre, but who simply brush themselves. Up to you to judge …


  1. Too Many People  (Biesmans – Hontelé – Cuyvers)
  1. Do It Baby  (Biesmans)
  1. Never Never Land  (Biesmans – Hontelé)
  1. What Needed Doin’ Done  (Biesmans – Hontelé)
  1. Gotta Get Away  (Biesmans – Hontelé – Cuyvers)
  1. Hold Your Horses  (Biesmans)
  1. A Stiffer Drink  (Biesmans – Hontelé)
  1. Bending The Rules  (Hontelé)
  1. If Only …  (Biesmans – Hontelé)
  1. Shut Eye  (Biesmans – Hontelé – Cuyvers)
  1. Live Your Life  (Biesmans – Hermsen -Hontelé – Cuyvers)


All songs published by Donor Publishing