Live @ BRBF 2005


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Full circle. What started almost 10 years ago at the Belgium Rhythm and
Blues Festival (BRBF) in Peer, starts again with that same festival, as
The Electric Kings were asked to do an exclusive reunion show. They
decided to go for it and recorded the whole thing. You can imagine what
happened next. The gig turned out to be a huge party and the whole
thing felt…right again. So there you have it. The Electric Kings are back
with a new album, the original line-up and a tour which will take the band
all over the globe. Expect fresh new sounds, groovy rhythms and some
soulful tunes from a bunch of guys with just one passion: good,
honest music.


1.Lollipop Mama (Roy Brown)
2.Hoodoo Man Blues (John Lee Williamson)
3.Commit A Crime (Chester Burnett)
4.Follow My Lead (The Electric Kings)
5.Too Many Drivers (traditional)
6.Trust My Baby (Rice Miller)
7.Alive At The Mall (The Electric Kings)
8.Pretty Little Thing (Jeff Williamson)
9.Long Distance Call (Mc Kinley Morganfield)