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One of the most innovative guys we know, dixit Pacific Blues USA.
Marc Tee and band do a re-invention on R&B, soul, funk, and their
take on songs by American Blues artists that are as soulful as anybody
around. Guitar/organ/horn driven greaze.


1.Strange Things (P.Mayfield)
2.Double Fool (M.Thijs)
3.Easy Bait (M.Thijs)
4.Love Life (G.Smith)
5.That’s How Cold (M.Thijs)
6.Bouncin’ (E.Svar)
7.Beat Up (M.Thijs)
8.Sometimes Baby (R.King)
9.Tru Song (R.Lesire)
10.Little Bittle Story (M.Thijs)
11.Something’s Wrong (unknown)
12.Something You Got (M.Thijs)
13.Be On Your Merrie Way (L.Fulson)
14.I’ll Send You (G.Carter)
15.Ugly, Fat & Old (M.Thijs)
16.I Don’t Play (W.Jacobs)
17.Little Girl (M.Thijs)
18.Look What You’ve Done (S.Maghett)