Fat Sausage for Dinner


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Here’s something unique-a trio of French bluesmen playing guitar and
washtub/one-man-band drums, and harmonica, ala Hooker, T-Model or
R.L. Burnside. Produced by Marc Tee, who also played and sang on some
tracks. This is not ‘cutting edge’ blues, but gutbucket played with a lot of


1.One More Time (M.Dalle)
2.I Wonder (M.Dalle)
3.It’s A Shame (M.Dalle)
4.You Drive Me Crazy (M.Dalle)
5.Somebody Else (M.Dalle)
6.Tell Me (M.Dalle)
7.Cha Cha Cha (M.Dalle)
8.San Fransissy Line (M.Dalle)
9.I Don’t Want You (M.Dalle)
10.Poor Black Mattie (R.L.Burnside)
11.Moanin’ And Tumblin’ (traditional)
12.I Don’t Treat You Right (M.Dalle/M.Thijs)