Better Be Ready


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The title, Better Be Ready, says it all – you’ll need to adopt the brace position before
you’re blown away by the fantastic sounds on the new Rhythm Bombs disc:
an explosive blend of runaway Texas swing, pumping boogie, Louisiana swamp
blues und unbeatable combo jump. You won’t forget this in a hurry, as The Bombs
rush you on a whirlwind one-hour tour round the roots of rock!
And there’s more: “Better Be Ready” is a 100% genuine live performance.
No overdubs, no corrections, no studio tricks, just pure Rhythm Bombs. Pure,
unadulterated and live is the best way to enjoy the band, as half Europe has already
found out. Enjoy the Rhythm Bombs live on an album bursting with classic tracks,
and no false promises!


1. All Said ‘n’ Done
2.Sherry Flip
3. Put The Hammer Down
4. Raisin’ Up My Hand
5. Why Do You
6. Ain’t That The Way
7. Better Be Ready
8. Jaguar And Thunderbird
9. Swingin’ Sue
10. My Mumblin’ Baby
11. Live My Live Too Fast
12. Route 90
13. Change My Ways
14. Disconnect My Phone
15. Ain’t Nobody