The Alabama Kid


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After years of working on their sound and building a reputation as a fierce live act, Belgian/American quintet Red Red are finally releasing their debut LP, ‘The Alabama Kid’. While fans of guitar-slinging acts like Blackberry Smoke, The Black Keys or Gary Clarke Jr. will find plenty to like in the album, Red Red brings in sounds never heard before in the genre. The band combines eclectic elements like the sampling magic of Belgian hip-hop turntablist DJ Courtasock and the world influences of American singer/guitarist (and ethnomusicologist) Tom Beardslee into a sound that stands way out from their contemporaries. In ‘The Alabama Kid’ the band shows off this wide range of influences, from the Robert Palmer thump of the album’s opener ‘Lay Me Down Marie’ to the bluegrass psychedelia of ‘The Cuckoo’, to the drum-and-bass boogie of ‘I Gotta Know’.


  1. Lay Me Down Marie
  2. The Cuckoo
  3. Spoon and the Flame
  4. Alabama Kid
  5. Long Black Train
  6. Tear It Down
  7. I Gotta Know
  8. Here Tonight                                                                     

all songs by Beardslee/Ceulemans/Forget/Scheffer

except The Cuckoo: traditional arranged by Beardslee/Ceulemans/Forget/Scheffer

all songs published by Donor Publishing