Lay Me Down Marie


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Coming from the crossroads of Europe, Red Red (USA/BE) is an unlikely cross-pollination between psychedelia, 70s guitar rock, blues and hip-hop turntablism. Led by an ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist from Ohio, Red Red is formed from the finest musicians from the Belgian roots, blues, and jazz music scenes. Turntablist DJ Courtasock fills out the lineup, adding layers of sampled sounds from all over the world.

Slide guitar + hip hop DJ + American singer + Belgian band: with their new single, ‘Lay Me Down Marie’, Red Red pays tribute to some of the masters of booty-shaking rock n’ roll. ZZ Top slide, Robert Palmer strut, and Black Crowes yowl all come together in this ode to carnal love.

‘Lay Me Down Marie’ introduces Red Red’s debut album ‘The Alabama Kid’ to be released worldwide on November 10.


Lay Me Down Marie (Beardslee/Ceulemans/Forget/Scheffer) – published by Donor Publishing