Soulbeat Incarnate


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Autumn 2019. PD Martin (aka Piet Vercauteren) and his band hit the trail as a straightforward blues-trio. But twelve bars ain’t enough and soon they are leaving the main road. Gig by gig, song by song they make their way through a wetland of blues and funk, ever groovin’ to the rhythm of the almighty Soulbeat.

The record you are discovering here is a report of this exciting journey. “Soulbeat Incarnate” is a diverse collection of eleven original songs. From the raw blues of “Artificial State of Misery”, over the funky hooks of “Come to Bed” to the extremely danceable groove of “Strip It Down”, this album, produced by JB Biesmans (Travellin’ Blue Kings), is compelling from beginning to end. As a finishing touch, let the refreshing and often reflective lyrics surprise you.


  1. Make Me Pay
  2. Come to Bed
  3. Strip It Down
  4. Burn the Witch
  5. Wild River
  6. Artificial State of Misery
  7. Tantric Beach Night
  8. 4T2
  9. Too Good to Be True
  10. Soulbeat Incarnate
  11. That’s My Gal

all songs written by Vercauteren and published by Donor Publishing