Come To Bed


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PD MARTIN (aka Piet Vercauteren), born in 1984, got hooked on guitar when he was a 12-years-old. Ever since he played in all kinds of bands, immersing himself in a wide range of musical styles (rockabilly, punk, blues, bluegrass,…).

A few years ago he decided the time was right to present his self-written songs to the world as a singer-guitar player. So, he formed his own band with Joris Holderbeke on bass and Rien Gees on drums. Together they explore the border area; the place where funk and soul are flirting with the blues, raw witty lyrics and an authentic groove. With a rock solid live-reputation like theirs, a trip to the recording studio could no longer be delayed. Joined by Pieter Goossens on Hammond organ, here’s the first born single!

May we present you: COME TO BED. Or how ceasing to fight can be just plain fun.


  1. Come To Bed  (Vercauteren/Holderbeke) published by Donor Publishing