Little Hook


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Little Hook’s first album, explosive and transcendental, a blend of musical influences has ten appealing original tracks on it. From Mississippi Hill country blues over French Chanson to rock ballads with an eighties flavour, Little Hook offers a shimmering universe of colourful music, catchy melodies and love songs coming straight from these bluesmen’s tortured souls.

Be ready for some pure energy with two killer guitars, a supersonic harmonica and crooning vocals on a dynamite beat! This “out of the ordinary” band is possessed by the demons of dance and will amaze you with its new world of modern blues..   Stay hooked !


  1. Hillburner
  2. Drowning In My Own Tears
  3. Hooked
  4. Movin’ On
  5. Weedpicker
  6. Tell Me Baby
  7. Mourir debout
  8. Tomorrow Night
  9. Back at the Shack
  10. Sea

All songs written by Renaud Lesire, except: 3. Renaud Lesire/Big Dave Reniers.