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The second album of Les Generals Jack is a record full of double
entendres, weird illusions and versions of Classic Grooves and gimmicks from
here and now. Under the flag “A chacun son blues” you are challenged to
listen to 13 songs each with their own little tellings about ego’s, about Brussels,
about something between mothers and sons, a dead rabbit on the highway
near Aphrodite’s bar…, a friend who steps out of life, the Marseillaise or was
it the Brabançonne and finishing with a hurricane striking the Missisippi again.


1. My Show
2. Matongue Square
3. Hey Mama
4. Dirty Taste
5. Road Kill
6. I’d Like To Know
7. Don’t Tell About Love
8. No Use To Cry
9. Human Condition
10. Baby Got Something
11. High Speed Rooster
12. Let Me In
13. Worse

all songs by Les Generals Jack, except 8: M.Smith
and 9: Canned Heat