Black Box Allegations


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Jan Ieven (El Fish, ex-Rhythm Junks), Steve Wouters (Last Call, Big Dave) and
Patrick Cuyvers (Hideaway, Soul Spirit) first worked together during sessions
with Lurrie Bell and Dallas Hodge in 2005. They hit it off so well that they decided
to start up the new band Jim Cofey. The band’s music is inspired by New Orleans
Funk of the sixties and seventies. Dr.John, The Meters, Eddy Bo, Jon Cleary, Allen
Toussaint & Jimmy McGriff… all appeal to the band’s imagination.
To give it all some extra spunk DJ 4T4 (Ultrasonic 7, ‘t Hof van Commerce) joined
in and produced “Black Box Allegations”, Jim Cofey’s first album. From Lowdown
Funk, dirty up-tempo grooves to real Mardi Gras-style party songs, it’s all there on
the album.


1. A Lie Is A Lie
2. Bricks & Tiles
3. Seems Like Yesterday
4. Kinky Reputation
5. She’s So Guilty
6. Waste Of Time
7. The Table
8. Fat Cakes
9. The Blame
10. That Ain’t Bad
11. Chew The Fat
12. Four Corners

all songs by Ieven and Cuyvers, except 2: Ieven/Cuyvers/Maseroli,
4 and 6: Ieven/Cuyvers/Phlix, 5: Jim Cofey/Phlix,
8: McGriff/Lester and 12: Toussaint.