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For his second album Howlin’ Bill clearly has chosen to go for some more
variety. Ofcourse there is the usual solid r&b, blues and boogie, the music
the band has been playing succesfully for quite a while now. On this
album you’ll also get a bit of countryrock, rockabilly and even some
surf. Well produced by Jan Ieven. Howln’ Bill has got the right assets:
good voice, fine harmonica playing and he is one hell of an entertainer
who really can pull it off live. A lot of people in the Benelux, Germany,
Sweden already know…


1.My Own World (W.De Vos)
2.Remember The Day (W.De Vos)
3.Pick Up Lines (W.De Vos)
4.Need A Ride (C.Van Nauw/W.De Vos)
5.Strongest Man Alive (C.Van Nauw)
6.Pink Cadillac (C.Van Nauw/W.De Vos)
7.Mister X (W.De Vos)
8.Circus Is Coming To Town (C.Van Nauw)
9.Now You Run (C.Van Nauw)
10.You Got It (C.Van Nauw)
11.This Time No Lies (B.Small)
12. Hell Freezes Over (W.De Vos)
13.Surfpin (C.Van Nauw)