Live at Ancienne Belgique


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10 years of heavy Howlin’ on Stage has to be powerfully celebrated with a live album.
Not just any live album, but one recorded in the renowned ‘Ancienne Belgique’ in Brussels.
Jimmy Hontelé, Winne Penninckx, Frank Pauwels & Howlin’ Bill himself:
four musketeers of Roots Rockin’ Music… who suavely cross the borders between genres as blues,
rock’n’roll, swing & whatever makes you tic. Ten years of hard work on stages in Belgium
and abroad, with a loyal and ever growing fan base, enthusiastic concert promoters
in every location, sweating bartenders, frantic attendants and desperate,
lonely and forgotten beauty queens…


  1. Next Time (Clarke/Dinallo/Diamond Jay Music)
  2. Foxy Little Lady (De Vos/Van Nauw)
  3. Six Feet Five (De Vos/Hontelé)
  4. My Own World (De Vos)
  5. Next Time (Clarke/Dinallo/Diamond Jay Music)
  6. Foxy Little Lady (De Vos/Van Nauw)
  7. Six Feet Five (De Vos/Hontelé)
  8. My Own World (De Vos)
  9. Next Time (Clarke/Dinallo/Diamond Jay Music)
  10. Foxy Little Lady (De Vos/Van Nauw)
  11. Six Feet Five (De Vos/Hontelé)
  12. My Own World (De Vos)
  13. Next Time (Clarke/Dinallo/Diamond Jay Music)
  14. Foxy Little Lady (De Vos/Van Nauw)
  15. Six Feet Five (De Vos/Hontelé)
  16. My Own World (De Vos)