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Inspired by the early West Coast blues, Detonics love to play Swing & Boogie, but with this album the band’s gonna drag you a bit further into the stinky swampy soils of the Mississippi. For creating the ultimate fifties sound, Detonics recorded this album in the traditional way: with analog tube microphones and gear, all together in one room making use of overspill instead of avoiding it. Detonics now proudly present the results of these sessions with the new album “Detonized” consisting of ten original “explosive” compositions by the band.


1. Too Far Away

2. Mean Machine

3. Why Were You Lying

4. It’s Gotta Be Me

5. Love is Gone

6. Money Train

7. Life’s Your Best Friend

8. Backdoor Annie

9. Memphis

10. Hard Way to Go

all songs published by Donor Publishing