The Way It Is


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“The Way It Is” is both the title and motto of this album. This is how Black Cat Biscuit looks at life. Feel a smile, shed a tear; these songs are real and captured from our lives.

We recorded this album in a traditional way: on tape, in a “one-take” and nothing hidden. These songs are down to earth and allow the listener to enjoy what life has to give.

Strive for perfection; take it as it comes, “The Way It Is”.

Look through our eyes and maybe you will recognize yourself?


  1. The Way It Is
  2. Let The Blues Heal You
  3. Say Hello To Godot
  4. Dr Boogie
  5. What You Say
  6. Heart Is Burning
  7. Madame Zola
  8. Mean Is Just An Average
  9. What Goes Around Comes Around
  10. Wheels
  11. Don’t Need Your Love No More
  12. Two Seconds Man

All songs written by Arnauts/Claes/Sepanski/Indestege/Gijbels, except #4 and #12: Arnauts/Sepanski/Indestege/Gijbels

All songs published by Donor Publishing