Have You Heard ?!


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Tinez Roots Club is back to roam the scene with their raw and high energy mix of greasy rhythm ‘n blues, swing and wild rock ‘n roll!

With two honking saxophones, a deliciously grooving Hammond organ and wild-beating drums, they will make audiences shiver and rooms rumble.

Their new, and more mature, 3rd album is called ‘Have You Heard?!’ as it is a re-introduction to the audience after a couple of years of silence.

“13 great and original songs” – Sax Gordon

Martijn ‘Tinez’ van Toor – tenor saxophone & vocals; Evert Hoedt – baritone saxophone; Rob Geboers – Hammond organ; Andreas Robbie Carree – drums


  1. JL Boogie
  2. Please Tell Me
  3. Have You Heard
  4. Cast Away Your Spell
  5. This Cat
  6. Ant Eater
  7. Goin’ to the Church
  8. Rock Baby Rock
  9. What You Do To Me
  10. So Hard To Love You
  11. Chimpanzee
  12. We’re Gonna Rock
  13. Indeed I Do

All songs written by Martijn van Toor and published by Donor Publishing.