Working on a Plan


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Big Time Bossmen is Belgium’s newest roots rock-sensation.

The foursome started out in 2012 as a straightforward rockabilly-band. Ever since, they have been expanding their musical horizons by injecting a variety of influences, such as blues, swamp rock, soul and even some funk and some hard rock. Along the way they created an original and powerful rock’n’roll-sound that empowers them to generate a huge amount of energy on any stage.

Right now, armed with a strong repertoire, that mostly exists out of self-written songs, they’re on their way to be the hardest rockin’ roots-act across the country and beyond.

So go out and feel the fire as the Bossmen take over the place!



  1. Make My Way
  2. Baby, What’s Wrong
  3. That’s My Gal
  4. Wolfman
  5. The Last Fuck
  6. 5-10-15 Hours
  7. Wouldn’t That Be Great


  1. Big Time Bossman
  2. Bartender
  3. The Effect I Have On Women
  4. Damn You Woman
  5. Sneaky Messaround
  6. Take No Prisoners