Down Below


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The debut EP “Down Below” by Bariton Loco blows away all expectations of the clean “Beach Boy sound” in surf rock! This surf rock quartet brings the rawness and finesse back from the instrumental 50s and 60s and doesn’t try to hide its roots in heavier music genres. Think of the sound of Link Wray, the attitude of The Cramps and the class of Mancini. What you can expect from the 4 tracks on “Down Below”: mean twangy guitars, a slashing bass six, raw driving drums and a good scoop of fuzz. “Down Below” is the ideal soundtrack for your own slasher horror movie. Not for the faint of heart!


  1. Down Below
  2. Low Tide
  3. Ghost Pepper
  4. Blood Flood

all songs written by Danté Declercq and published by Donor Publishing