Mel Dune

DBS2007 2 MMH 89905 Mel Dune

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Mel Dune has been described as the perfect antidote for a world going faster everyday. Intimate poetry and honest music, while you’re wandering around, searching for your lost soul. A fragile voice compared to a young Marianne Faithfull and a surprising soundcanvas where echoes of David Lynch meet Tom Waits at closing time.

Mel Dune is also known by their contribution to the soundtrack of ‘Ex Drummer’. A movie based on a novel by one of Belgium’s most famous writers, Herman Brusselmans.


  1. From a Room With a View
  2. You Might Get Lost
  3. Time Hangs Heavy On Your Hands
  4. Till Morning Comes
  5. Refill My Heart
  6. Good-Bad
  7. New Horizon
  8. If Only I Could See
  9. Le temps garde tout de moi
  10. Try and Turn the Tide
  11. Goodbye Lorraine
  12. Time Hangs Heavy On Your Hands (Ex Drummer version)