The Wild Ones


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What are they? Who are they?

Whatever roots they have, they can’t be pigeonholed. Nor can they be branded “Rock a This” or “Rhythm and That”. They don’t belong to any fashionable in-crowd. Nor do they kowtow to peep squeaks. The Wild Ones are their own people and they do their own thing.

You only have to check their two seminal albums; “Crossroads” and “Still Untamed” to realize that these cats are genuine free radicals. Back in the eighties the Wild Ones were peerless pioneers. Daring and Doing. Nowadays countless bands are doing stuff the Wild Ones started.

Digging up the roots and playing them their own way. If a song is good, they’ll do it in their style. Make or break is the motto! And if anybody’s feelings get hurt, well that’s just tough!

The Wild Ones are to roots music what outlaw bikers are to motorcycles! No pompadour, no plastic, no fashionable trends. Fuck that!

The Wild Ones are not purists, they are pure!

The Wild Ones are now and in your face!

The Wild Ones are here! Be ready!

The Wild Ones will hit the road again after a 27 year break. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Rootz Rumble is re-releasing this uncut diamond.


  1. The Best Way to Jive
  2. Cat Squirrel
  3. The Southern Cats Are … Go!
  4. Cold Grey Town
  5. I’m Back
  6. Lust for Life
  7. Down To Hell
  8. Got My Mojo Working
  9. Evil Creature
  10. Cat Woman
  11. Merry Christmas, People  (Downtown version)
  12. Merry Christmas, People  (Uptown version)